Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Radial Tire

Additional information

Weight 73 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 13 cm


The Baja Boss® A/T delivers premium on-road handling, performance, and tread wear while also dominating in the mud and snow thanks to its pioneering asymmetric tread design, silica-reinforced compound, extreme Sidebiters® and revolutionary PowerPly XD™ 3-ply, construction*. Featuring a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty and 3PMS designation, it’s Mickey Thompson’s most innovative hybrid A/T to date – aggressive looks, low noise, long-lasting tread, and smooth ride.


Asymmetric tread pattern is optimized for reduced noise, off-road traction & on-road handling
Extreme Sidebiters® are 150% deeper than the Baja ATZP3™ for a bold look, extreme off-road traction/protection (LT sizes only)
Powerply™ XD adds heavier denier cord to the angled third ply providing better puncture resistance, quicker steering response, and greater stability (LT-Sizes Only)
T1 compound (LT sizes) and S1 compound (SUV sizes) provide excellent wet handling/braking, lasting treadlife,
and cold/wet weather traction
50,000 mile (LT sizes) & 60,000 mile (SUV sizes) treadwear warranty* instills confidence that the Baja Boss® A/T is built to last
Severe Snow Service Rated with the 3PMS Symbol certifies that all sizes 12.50 (315) and narrower are severe snow rated

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