Jeep Conversion Solutions

We are a hard working team of Jeep enthusiasts, with more than 10 years of experience, working to deliver truly awesome custom Jeep Builds. Jeep Conversion Solutions offer a unique service made to give each of our clients a personalized experience while delivering exceptional custom Jeeps, balancing extreme off-road capabilities with class and elegance in a stylish package.

What we offer is a unique service; You are going to be close to our working staff, and we will be guiding and explaining to you in detail every step of the way, making sure that your specifications and desires are taken into account to give you a personalized and amazing customer experience.

ASE Certified technicians are in an elite class all of their own!. With our ASE Certified Technicians you can be certain you’re placing your vehicle in the hands of people with experience and knowledge to take optimal care of it.


Every Jeep is different

We are an experienced and professional group of Jeep enthusiasts working hard to deliver truly amazing custom Jeep Builds. For more than ten years, our staff has been providing excellent services to Jeep users, offering their knowledge and ideas to help customers make their dream cars come true.

under its own concept, making every build stand out from the others, at Jeep Conversion Solutions YOU DREAM IT, WE BUILD IT.


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Jeep Conversion Solutions works hard to deliver the Jeep of your dreams.

We can go from a simple change of tires to an entire upgrade and upfitting of your Jeep. At Jeep Conversion Solutions we bring you the latest trends on automotive parts. With high quality standards and security, we have everything for you, from Jeep suspension lift kits, wheels and tires, Mounting/Balancing (in-House), Bumpers, Steering Wheels, to Lights, Winches and even more. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your Jeep, do not hesitate and get in touch with us, our staff will gladly assist you with any inquiries. We will strive to deliver an exceptional result, balancing extreme off- road capabilities with class and elegance in a stylish package.

Remember, our team of experts is ready to answer all your inquiries and guide you throughout the process of re-designing and upgrading your Jeep, making you an active part of the process and granting excellent results.

Jeep Conversion Solutions

Jeep Conversion Solutions | Design your conversion with help from our team. Bring your own Jeep to us and our expert team will transform it